What in the World???!!!

June 10, 2020

Hello Friends!

Well, here we are in the middle of the year that wasn’t…2020.

OMG, can you believe what we have been through to this point and what the future looks like moving forward?

The year started off in a nice normal fashion with all of the hopes and expectations we all feel in the dawn of a new year and new decade! People were celebrating with lots of great Roaring 20′s themed events and the economy was humming along.

Then came the Corona Virus or Covid-19! Ugh, it has hit the world with a thump and millions around the world have been effected with over 100,000 lives lost in the past 4 months just in America alone. Very sad times indeed. And there is so much uncertainty moving forward. This is a very contagious and dangerous virus and while many have sheltered in place and exercised social distancing as experts in the medical field have advised, we are still facing increasing spread in many parts of the country and world. Of course, our precautions have thrown our economy and employment into an unprecedented tailspin which could take years to recover from.

Then to add to our stressful times, we witnessed the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of 4 police officers on the streets of Minneapolis. George’s death has led to continued protests for equal rights and fair treatment of blacks and other minorities. For the most part, the protests have been peaceful, but some have lead to arrests, injury and additional deaths. Violence and looting in the streets of major US cities have just added to the sadness that surround us in these difficult times. Hopefully, long overdue change will come and the violence will subside.

Now we are entering the hurricane season and the US has already experienced 3 major storms resulting in massive flooding and personal loss. Locally, here in Arizona we have the start of the fire season. In two of our local mountain ranges, firefighters are battling blazes caused by lighting.

All of this devastation is really sounding like the end of the world is just around the corner! I really hope our world survives this craziness.

Until we meet again, please take care of each other and be safe!


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