Holiday Thoughts

Hello Friends!

As the holiday’s rapidly approach, I will take this space and time to reflect on some of the good, the bad, and the ugly in the past year.

To begin, I wish that you and your loved ones celebrate in peace and harmony this holiday season. Times like Hanukah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Day can be so much fun when loved ones come together to reminisce and play together.

Let’s begin with the good… well; the world did not end on12/21/12! And that is a good thing, because there is so much more to be done with our time on this earth.

The economy continues to slowly recover as unemployment shrinks and housing prices begin to bounce back. Although, I am sure there are plenty of people that would disagree with the experts on that topic.

We are getting closer to ending wars and removing US troops from around the world. Unfortunately, more will likely perish in the pursuit of these ends.

We have made it through another political election year and have chosen our leader for another 4 years. Some see this as good news, while others take the opposite view. At least it is settled and America can try to move forward.

And each of us has something good that has happened to them personally over the past year. Sometimes you just have to think about it for awhile, but it is there.

Now for the bad…

Well, friends and colleagues continue to pass on with the cycle of life. While other friends and colleagues just move on through job transfers, divorce, or restlessness. In any case, that is usually viewed as bad news to those left behind.

On another bad note, there is still way too much violence in the world with so much hatred being thrown about. Prejudice and ignorance makes for such ill will between mankind.

And finally for the ugly…

My heartfelt condolences go out the communities ofPortland,OregonandNewtown,Connecticutthis holiday season.

Once again, senseless violence has pervaded our hometowns. How can anyone come to terms with the kind of heartache caused by these hateful individuals? Yeah, I know…mental illness and weapons make for a bad combination, but it seems to me that both have been around for centuries. So, how did it get out of hand and how does it continue to happen?

I wish I had the answers, but I don’t. All I know is  those mall shoppers in Portland and those little school kids and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School did not deserve to have their lives snatched away from them by a deranged gunman.

I wish peace to the surviving friends and families of all victims of senseless violence. I know it can’t be a very happy holiday for them. But I hope they know they are cared about and prayers from around the world are sent their way.

May the peace and joy of the holiday season be with you and may the hope of a New Year make you smile!


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