Not to be Forgotten

As the devastation of the Corona Virus continues in our world, I am left to ponder the future of our Special Events Industry. This business has been a wonderful source of income and friendship over the past 30+ years for me personally for many of my associates here in Arizona and around the globe. While we have had our challenges over the years, we have, for the most part, experienced incredible growth personally, professionally, and financially.
Now, we are faced with the reality of no work, no revenue, and no social interaction. This Corona Virus has affected everyone in every corner of the world. Perhaps, when this world regains its bearings we will find that the Special Events Business will be the most directly impacted of all.
As the economy begins to slowly recover, we event professionals will likely be the last to see a return to business. Since most all of our events involve large numbers of attendees inĀ  enclosed ballrooms, and social distancing, and limited exposure to large numbers of people are two of the most important defenses to this terrible virus, it makes sense that our opportunities for work will be very slow to return.
I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most talented and creative people in the world. Just in our little corner of the world – Tucson – we have some amazing event specialists. Many of these folks are the proprietors of small businesses and have made a nice living creating memories for countless guests over the years.
And that is what concerns me the most. Will our memory makers soon become memories themselves? How many of these small businesses will be able to withstand this extended freeze of business? Many of my associates have families to support as well as overhead such as rent, insurance, license fees and more required to maintain a business.
Personally, I entered the Event Business age the age of 23 and by 25, I started my own concern. This was at a time when Tucson was just beginning to expand our Convention Industry with the opening of a number of fabulous resorts. Many of my friends got their start around the same time. I have friends in the event planning field, catering field, photographers, decorators, musicians, entertainers, and many more walks of life. We all “grew up” with the Special Events Industry. For the past 30+ years we have all contributed to making memories for countless clients. Whether it is the grateful bride or the dedicated conference planner, or the occasional movie producer or concert promoter, their appreciation and recognition is what feeds the spirit of those of us in the business.
The people that make up this wonderful industry are friends of mine and I know their tenacity and dedication. I hope that will be enough to see them through these incredibly difficult times and I hope I will reconnect with them in the not too distant future!
I miss them!

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