Time for a mid-year evaluation!

Well, here we are, nearing the midpoint of 2013. It seems to me like we just welcomed in a brand new year and now it is nearly half over.

Are you satisfied with how the first half of this year has evolved? Professionally, are you where you want to be or where you hoped to be? Personally, is your life in balance? Do you consider yourself content? Do you have a plan for the remainder of the year? Have you set attainable goals for yourself or your business?

 I ask these questions because I am asking myself these same questions as I write this installment of Ace Speaks. We have all heard it said that it is a good idea to evaluate your life from time to time. I think it is good practice to take a breath occasionally, and do a personal inventory of your life. Sometimes life is humming along and nothing needs to change. Other times, you have to take the reins and guide your life so it doesn’t guide you.

 Professionally, my life has changed since the start of the year. As of January 5, 2013 I have taken on another business to add to my holdings.

I am now the owner of Twilight Productions, an entertainment services company based inTucson. I have known Twilight and its various owners over the past 25 plus years and I have always admired the way they conducted business over that time.

Twilight Productions provides a wide variety of entertainment for corporate events and resorts. Until I became more involved with the business, I had no idea how many talented musicians reside inTucson. It has been a lot of fun learning the entertainment business and meeting all of our wonderful performers and I look forward to the continued rebound in our convention industry.

To learn more about Twilight Productions, please visit our website at: www.twilightproductionsaz.com or call us at (520) 760-3000.

 While I settle into my new venture, I will continue to manage my other enterprises – Ace Casino Equipment and Suite Games of Arizona. I am very pleased with the progress these two little endeavors have shown over the past couple years. I will continue to improve our services and products to stay on top of our game!

 I hope when you take a minute to evaluate your situation, you will smile and take satisfaction in where you are in your life. I know I do!




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